Holland Fire Doors

  Non Fire Rated Products  

Solid Core Doors

We offer a range of solid core doors made from many different “core” materials. These are block board, particle board and L.V.L.

All of our solid core doors meet the Australian Standard 2688. They can be manufactured with many different faces including M.D.F, ply wood, white coat and decorative veneers.

Life Safety Doors
& Smoke Doors

Life Safety Doors (LSDs) are doorsets which have smoke leakage certification as tested to Australian Standards 1530.7, and which may also have certified fire ratings as tested to Australian Standards 1530.4.

In recent years the demand for "smoke doors" has increased, largely due to the proliferation of Fire Engineered buildings. In many cases the doorset required by the Fire Engineer's design calls for both smoke and fire resistance. Only Life Safety Doors offer a tested and certified solution for smoke and smoke/fire applications in both single and pair door combinations.

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